How does Gate Mod in the Euclid effect work?

I have a gate on through the entire sequence for a track with the Euclid effect enabled, and I can hear the Euclidean gates coming in with the set gate length.

But when I set Gate Mod to 100%, the gate length never changes while the Euclidean pattern plays.

How does Gate Mod work? The manual makes it sound like it should automatically adjust the length at the specified rate.

In my experience if the gate length is above a certain percentage (say 30% 50% ) and the gate mod is 100% you won’t hear the gate mod cause the gate is too long and/or the sequence too fast and/or the vca adsr too fast or too slow. I can hear the gate mod working if i set the gate length to a low value(depending on the vca /adsr used, the sequence tempo) and the gate mod to a value between 0 and 100%. In my experience gate mod is too dependent from the whole hardware/software configuration, so you need to find the sweet spot between values: the best configuration for hearing the gate mod might not be to set it to 100%. So just try fiddling with gate length and gate mod value to find a sweet spot where you can hear the gate mod. These values may change if you use different vca or adsr

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I think the modulation is Unipolar which isn’t clear from the documentation. so you would want to set your default gate length to something quite short and then increase the modulation amount. also the gate on events preceding the Euclidean effect should just be very long held notes so as to not “reset” the euclidean effect.

after further testing, the gate mod on the euclidean fx sometimes gets stuck and isn’t modulating the gate anymore. replacing the fx with another euclidean fx doesn’t solve the issue, deleting the fx and then inserting another euclidean fx restores the gate mod functionality. it’s pretty frustrating cause i control euclidean fx with a usb controller and by deleting the fx an inserting a new one i need to reset the mod matrix every time. filing a bug report right away

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Good catch!

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