How do you setup your realtime synth controls?

5 encoders and an XY pad is not a lot to work with, but it should be enough for a basic control setup. Assuming you have zero access to the front panel of your synth (or it has no realtime controls of its own) then what are your go-to controls on a synth? Let’s also say you are working with a preset that is already what you want in general but if you were playing live you might want a few specific controls at your fingertips…

This is the basic idea I came up with but I am still in the process of deciding these things.

Cutoff = Y
Resonance = X

Amp attack
Amp decay
Filter attack
Filter decay
Filter Env Amt

Thinking about this made me wonder how others handle it. Suggestions welcome of course.

using Pyramid controls (except for X-Y pad) mainly for Pyramid effect parameters like arpeggiator, randomizer, LFO etc.

X-Y pad is set to control various things on per-track basis.

for controlling synth parameters, i’m using Arturia Beatstep in controller mode. it’s really compact, has endless encoders and MIDI out socket, which i connect with Pyramid MIDI In and set Pyramid MIDI Out ports to Out+Thru mode.

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