How do I sync Hermod and Pamelas New Workout? (Solved)

This is similar to a previously-asked question, but different enough that I feel it warrants its own thread.

I need to sync Hermod and Pamelas New Workout (PNW). I don’t really care which is the master and which is the slave, but I have one requirement: either Hermod or PNW have to output 24 PPQN, because I have a third module that requires 24 PPQN to run.

Hermod doesn’t seem to be able to output 24 PPQN. However, PNW can effectively output 24 PPQN by setting one of the outputs to x24. However, PNW can only output a reliable 24 PPQN, when clocked externally, if the input clock is at least 24 PPQN. Which means that I can’t set Hermod be the master. So, PNW has to be the master.

My problem is that if I set Hermod Clock Source = CV A and CV Transport = CV Play B, and then connect a clock from PNW to CV A, and a run signal from PNW to CV B, Hermod doesn’t start correctly most of the time. If I have Hermod output a gate on beat one of measure one and connect my scope, The first gate from Hermod often lags behind the first gate from PNW. Every once in a while it lines up, but it’s incredibly inconsistent. It’s not usable.

If I only set Hermod Clock Source = CV A and connect a clock from PNW to CV A, without setting CV Transport, Hermod syncs just fine… but it doesn’t stop when I stop PNW. So, it’s partially working. Just not reliably, in a way I can really use long-term.

Can anyone tell me how I can connect PNW and Hermod to solve this problem?


PS. @squarpadmin is it possible for Hermod to send/receive 24 PPQN? It’s really needed for high-resolution syncing, and many modules implement it already!

My two cents… For the clocks (and Hermod), I had the best results with MIDI :-/
If PNW is the master, with the expander maybe ? Hermod is the master clock in my system but I convert its clock output with an FH-1, it saves a track and I find the clock and reset more steady. PNW is only a slave in my system but this config with Hermod + FH-1 works well

There’s a 2HP version of this expander (Midi via 3.5 jack), no multipliers but an extra x24 out.

Yeah, I already use that PNW expander, but I’m also already using the Hermod MIDI in with a MIDI controller. I don’t think I can connect both without extra hardware.

The FH-1 seems cool, but I don’t have the extra HP. Are there any standalone devices (or VERY small modules) that will convert USB to a 24 PPQN clock?

Hmmn… I wonder if this would work. Any thoughts?

I cannot confirm that the cable would work but that’s worth trying, “It is class-compliant and does not require any driver”, so I would say yes :slight_smile: I saw a 1U version (a conversion kit to be precise) of the FH-1 if you have a 1U row with free space. Now, a standalone device that would convert usb to Sync 24 : The Oplab if you have one or if you can find one on ebay or else.

Edit: the prices for the Oplab are ridiculously high now :O, probably better find another solution

@squarpadmin are there any USB-MIDI cables that are known to work with Hermod? Here are some examples:



I was able to get Hermod to sync with Pamela’s New Workout with the PEXP-1 expander and an iConnectivity mio USB/MIDI Interface. Hermod “Clock Source” is set to “Host Port”.

Pamela’s New Workout → PEXP-1 expander MIDI jack → iConnectivity mio → Hermod “usb host” jack

Now, pressing the Start/Stop button on Pamela’s New Workout controls Hermod perfectly, without any skipping or latency that I can detect.

Here’s a link to the iConnectivity mio USB/MIDI Interface:

Aside: Hermod should really support 24 PPQN


Cool ! I have a Mio in front of me but I didn’t have the idea :wink: Glad it’s working now.

I’m wondering if it’s possible to access the midi pins under the module. I know PNW can be connected to the Midi out of an Intellijel case without using its expander, maybe there’s a possibility to connect Hermod and PNW together without external cables. Edit: There’s no “hidden” extension connectors under Hermod, too bad, only a Jtag connector :smiley:

Is it possible to connect a Korg NanoKontrol directly into the Hermod USB hub to convert CCs to CV? I have tried this but can’t make it work, I can only get input using the MIDI Din. I’m not sure how to assign and route MIDI CCs to mod CV tracks, is this possible?