How do i skip to a later part of sequence in “Play” mde of SEQ mode?

oioioi im going bananas trying to sequence a song for a live performance & i figure there’s a better way to be doing what i’m doing…

OK, so my songs generally have multiple times signatures and stuff, so it’s not always super straightforward and easy to know exactly how many bars I need, so there is a lot of trial and error… Which is why I would love to find out how to skip forward to a later part of the song in sequence mode. I dont want to use “perform” , so i have it in “play” mode…

what i want to be able to do is skip to the middle of the arrangement, fast forward to a sequence somewhere in the chain and click play from there. There’s gotta be a way but i havent figured that one out yet!! Thanks to anyone who knows how to do this for taking the time to answer me :slight_smile:

I’m scrambling to sequence songs for a live set at a festival this weekend, and this would save me a TON of time!!

thanks squarp fam !

When Pyramid is playing a chain of sequences:

  • Press


to loop the currently played sequence. This sequence will keep running until you press again



  • Press 2ND + < or > to jump to the previous/next sequence in the chain.
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