How do i make one long tone?

i have a volca fm and a volca bass hooked up to the pyramid with midi-a and midi-b. how can i make

  • long tones
  • long tones that start phasing wth each other
  • weird fm “drones”

ideally really reaaly long songs, i’m thinking like an hour

Do a search for “drones” on this forum, there’s a few useful tips

there isnt really a definitive answer - do you have one?

ps luv ur vidz

There’s two ways. You can use the “HOLD” function in Live mode to trigger a note which will stay held. You can then use CC’s to play with the drone. The problem is hold mode can’t be sequenced. If you want your drone fully programmed then you’re going to have to use features of your synth to workaround the retrigger that happens when the pattern repeats. You can lessen the times this happens by changing the time signature of the track so it plays much slower but you’re still going to have to deal with the retrigger.

Slow attacks, portamento/legato can lessen retrigger effects.

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The manual suggests a microtrack may be the way to make drones. The track will be so short and retriggering your envelope so often that it will be continuous.

Have fun!

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@adnauseam which manua? where is it?

The manual on the Squarp site:

You haven’t seen it?

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oh yes of course what was i thinking