How do I launch a sequence with Midi CC?

I’m trying to use my Octatrack to launch a sequence on my Pyramid. I learned from Pyramid’s midi implementation chart that midi CC69 launches a sequence and the value of that cc tells it which sequence to launch, but my question is, how do you send a midi message with no note info, only a CC value?

are you asking how to send CC messages from your octatrack?
try here

or see 15.4.7 - 15.4.10 in the octatrack manual, those parts seem to talk about sending CC messages

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Follow the instructions in the section 15.3 “MIDI mode LIVE RECORDING and parameter locking” in the OT’s manual.

Thanks. Before I even try sending from the Octatrack, I figured I’d try to make it work from Ableton and I’m having trouble there. I have a midi clip with no note information, just a CC envelope on CC69 with a value of 2 drawn in. When I send it, I know Pyramid is receiving the message because, in Sequence mode, Pyramid will change the selected sequence that’s lit up to reflect the value on CC69 that I just sent, but it won’t actually launch the sequence. Anybody know what I’m doing wrong?

Cc69 won’t select a sequence AND play Pyramid if it is stopped.

If it’s already playing, the sequence will be launched per the the Sequence launch parameters.

If it’s stopped then you want to slave start/stop commands to your clock source or send a play command along with the cc69.


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Thank you, this helped me. I didn’t have the sync enabled coming out of Ableton. When I enabled the sync out, the play command transmitted to Pyramid.

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