How do I get my MIDI controller sustain pedal to work?

I’ve tried my sustain pedal, but Hermod seems to ignore it. Even when I’m just playing right back out via the OUT effect, I get notes, the pitch bend and mod wheel work, but no sustain. It’s like Hermod is actively filtering it out.


I second this. I’m happy with everything else and want to use Hermod as my main sequencer, but it’s impractical if I can’t use the sustain pedal with my piano sounds and polysynths :frowning:

sustain is just a midi cc, so you’d need to change midi to use cc64.
does this not work?

Where do I do that?

Midi Effect - input mod = 64
midi output - dest mod = 64

but beware it’ll also respond on mod wheel… as input mod, keep CC 1 as well as CC64

Ive suggested to @squarpadmin CC1 should not used if input mod is set… but they probably need to hear this from more users :wink:

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Ok, but I also use the mod wheel for modulation. Will that still work?

no, because the modulation lane used for sustain will also be triggered by the mod wheel.
that’s what I meant by previous comment.

as I said raise it with squarp on the contact form, as to me it seems like a simple change, and I think pretty logical.

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It’s reported, we will fix this as son as possible.



Any news on this? I haven’t heard back. Thanks!

In case anyone is following this thread, I talked to Tom at Squarp and he said that a ticket has been created and “Things are a bit slowed down during summer, but you’ll have a fix soon.”

He also suggested that, in the meantime, if I really wanted sustain, I could set the track effects like so:


However, if you do this, A) you lose the ability to use other modulation and B) it only works reliably when playing the instrument, not when Hermod is playing back a recorded loop (I describe a workaround below).

Also, depending on where the clock is stopped, sustain may be permanently held down, which breaks everything.

So, the exact steps to get sustain kinda-working are as follows:

  1. Set MIDI effect INPUT MOD = CC64
  2. Set OUTPUT effect DEST MOD = CC64
  3. Record a loop with notes + the sustain pedal (you’ll hear the notes sustain while you’re playing)
  4. Let the loop play and observe that notes don’t sustain
  5. Set MIDI effect INPUT MOD = CC1(MOD)
  6. Continue to let the loop play and observe that notes now sustain
  7. Stop the clock while notes are being sustained, and now (sometimes) sustain is on permanently

Is there any progress on this issue? I just got a hermod and am loving it. The one thing preventing it from being the command center of all my synths (I use a lot of external midi with a small euro setup) is the sustain pedal. The trick above works okay for just playing parts, but it would be so nice to be able to sequence sustain and not have to sacrifice the mod wheel too.

Yep same issue here…
Would really like to use the Hermod as my set up brain for live, but I’m not exactly serene using a work around that “sometime works”…