How do I get Hermod to reset MFB SEQ-01 Pro?

I have gate 1 of Hermod going to clock i/o on MFB. It works perfect. I just can’t get it to reset. I have cv1 on Hermod going to MFB play i/o, but I must be missing something. Please advise. I first tried midi out of Hermod to midi in on MFB but it didn’t work right either (it synced and looked like it was working fine, but doesn’t).

From what I understand about the SEQ-01 there are two ways to reset patterns.

  1. Internally
    Use the OH and HH on the same step and when the sequencer arrives at that step it will reset to 1.
    This is pretty cool, but it doesn’t answer your question does it?

  2. Externally
    Send a gate from anywhere to the Reset jack on the SEQ-01
    This will reset the pattern.

You already have a gate from Hermod hitting the clock, now on a different track, send a single gate at the 1 (or wherever you’d like to reset) and connect this to the reset input jack of the SEQ-01 and you should actually be good to go.

When connecting midi between Hermod tracks and other devices, remember that we need to establish a MIDI OUT effect on that track in order to actually send data out via the MIDI port. I was struggling with this, and thought my Hermod was broke, but someone here pointed that out and it’s changed the world.
Love this forum.

Hope this helps you.

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