How do i connect multiple volcas to the pyramid?

i want to connect a volca fm, sample , and bass to the pyramid. i only have one midi cable. how do i do this?

lets say from midi-a out on the pyramid i connect to midi in on the fm … then i connect the sync-out of the volca fm to the sync in of the bass

then how do i tell the pyramid anout the bass? what channel is it? is it ‘CV’?


It looks like there are two problems.

  1. You’ve only got one MIDI cable.

  2. The Volca Units dont have midi through; even if you had three cables you could only connect two of them (midi a and b on the pyramid) and send them note data.

With your current setup all you can do is send midi to one unit and sync the other two using mini jacks (sync in and sync out).

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Buy more cables. And a midi thru box.

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lol thx kbzs :smile:

oh and … can u recommend me a good midi thru box? cheers

I have this one:

Small and reliable.

Another possibility:


i have this one

also a Future retro mondovox

There are many but i use these as i have many controllers and hate unplugging stuff .
and ya get more midi cables.

@Buzz sell me your Mondovox. That is not a request, that is a demand. I will find you and I will take it. You best not let it out where you live because you do and you won’t have a Mondovox any more. You do know they are discontinued and don’t show up on the 2nd hand market ever? You do know that if I don’t come and take it, someone else is already planning to do so?

There has been a very good reason I’ve never mentioned what MIDI routers I’m looking for…

@megamarkd hmm I do have a 150lb guard dog (boerboel) and ya i just found out they are discontinued built by Jerad and his team in good ol texas usa…nah not for sale.I love that guys’ stuff .I have a neat synth,2 different sequencers and a mondovox.thinking about the drum modulals but GAS just bought a squarp…hehehehe.Oh and just to say I once hooked 7 synths to the mondovox 4 mono synths and 3 multi timberle and played 52 voices all at once with a single note…the mondovox is mine.

I don’t think any will appear on the 2nd hand market until their owner’s die…

it rocks and is very versatile.I play ewi4000s and man i tell ya I that does so much if ya use anolog synth like moog and Future retro ,ms 20 etc…Jared is a freaking genius building that unit.blessed i I had the bucks to grab one .

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I saw it when it was release but kept pushing it back grabbing synths before decided it was time, then it was gone. I’ve msg’d ever vendor and they are “nope none left”. Perhaps I need to to lobby FR for another run…

once i wrap my head around the squarp I’m think I open a black hole and swallow the cosmos…with a single note of course.

you should…just email em …he will answer you.personally.

A Mondovox, a Bitstream 3x and a Keystep and you have the ultimate one finger rig!

Best pull this around on topic again. I use and recommend the iConnectivity MIO4. It’s a MIDI interface/router/processor. Bloody versatile and supports USB MIDI via a USB hub so eight USB devices are supported ontop of the four MIDI din in’s and out’s. If 4+4 din ports isn’t enough, they do the MIO10 which has 10 MIDI din in’s and out’s as well as the 8 USB connections both ways.
They do other devices also that can run audio and MIDI from IOS devices.

I use ewi4000s as my main controller live then add sax and guitars etc not so EDM…bu5t when i get the squarp under control i will use this moog theremin and the orb as a cv to midi converter to input kaos.

sry i don’t use old stuff dont so it not really available to me.the 360 system i have is ancient but midi…so cables cost .and ya need cables so bugdet them in …it’s a work in progress as we all know.I think manufactures know this so not including MIDI in/out plus usb they will fall to the wayside …they ain’t that dum for now. my ms20 kit has usb but does what the midi does note on/off and the oddyssy is the same .don’t know about the model D moog so i can’t speak for that.
but ya get more midi cables.

Shh on the 360 systems. They still show up, just never when I have the money!
USB MIDI is a bit of a brainstrain first time if you are an old person who is used to one cable for in/one cable for out. It’s amazing how logical just that simple one cable per direction make it all, not to mention it actually allows more freedom with MIDI networks.

I’d prefer to use only din cables, it’s familiar and reliable, but I’ve so many instruments now with a USB MIDI port, it’s freed a good amount of ports on my two din-port routers - an Akai ME80P and some custom box made for a television station with 8in and 16out.

360 system midi patcher is a beast…mine is 20 odd years old …bought new still works flawlessly…shit almost 30…aww i got old…midi solutions a canadian company make a good thru box…another thing about usb…the computer! and all that entails.less time making music more time figuring out some programme that will crash and burn weeks of work cuz you have the wrong one or…fuck computers! make music.

SHHHHH! I still haven’t got one! I’ll let you know when it’s safe to talk about them again, LOL.

I was incredibly anti-USB MIDI before I bought the MIO4. It does try a PC (an old Win7 lappy I had laying around) into the fray, but only for the configuration side, once happy with the routing rules the PC can be switched off and put away.

[Warning: Personal preferences expressed below]
And yes, remove consumer computers from music. Of course every digital instrument and processor has one it it, but they are bespoke computers that are single purpose. I can’t get distracted by forums and IRC using my Pyramid with my Blofeld while recording to an R series Zoom recorder.
Sure they are great for some things like recording (if you don’t own a bunch of Zoom recorders) and uploading to soundclown, but the number of times I’ve lost work from a hardware synth/sampler/sequencer crashing is zero, whereas with computers (since OSX*) the number is higher than any drummer can count! A 2 grand system would solve a lot of stability issues, but so would a $600 8trk digital recorder from Japan.
I learnt a lot about running computers from trying to run music software 15yrs ago…