How can I zoom into a section of a track and start from that point to hear/edit it?


I’m been looking through the manual for this, but I like 128 steps or more on some tracks, but when I listing back I have to start from the beginning and wait until it gets to the part I want to focus on to hear or edit.

How can I just zoom into that part and lock it so I can just hit play and hear that area of the track only so I can make sure it sounds ok rather that listening to the whole track from the start and waiting for it to loop to hear again etc?


Hey there, you’re on the right path, it’s in the manual. In the current version (April 2024) it’s described as ‘6.7 loop points’, page 48. To set up loop points, zoom out to whatever feels comfortable on the grid then:

  • Set the start by holding the left key & press a channel button (1 through 16). Everything to the left of that point on the grid will go white.
  • Set the end point by holding the right key & repeat the channel button (1 through 16) press. The grid to the right of there will also go white.
  • To alter loop points, repeat the same steps used to add a start/end.
  • To (quickly) remove loop points, zoom out as far as necessary then press left+1 to remove the start & right+16 to remove the end.

It’s pretty intuitive to use, but easily missed.

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Pressing play while you’re already playing resets playback to the current page. So for a quicker version than setting up in/out points, I like to just quickly tap play twice. (Just looked it up in the manual, looks like 2nd + play does the same thing w/o picking up the first note of the track!)