How can I disable "note learn" in Euclid Stepmode?

Dear all

Is it somehow possible to disable “Note Learn” in Euclid Stepmode?

Assuming I’m sequencing a synth with the current track. While I’m in Euclid Stepmode I’d like to tweak the euclid pattern while I play other notes on an external keyboard (apart from unplugging the midi in cable on the pyramid side, of course ;-)).

See Manual > Settings > Misc > Learn Notes

Unless you mean disabling Note Learn only for Euclid mode which, to my understanding, is not possible.


Thank you!

This seems to work for me. Even if it would be cool, if it would be available right in the Stepmode…

(@CreepyPants cool username, btw. :smiley: didn’t expect something serious at first, when i saw the email subject…)

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