How are you handling definitions for more than 8 drum lanes?

Hi friends,

Loving the Hapax so far. Wondering how people are formatting instrument definitions for drum machines that have more than 8 sounds/notes. I have one that has 55…


1-8, 9-16, etc

how are the drum sounds addressed? are there any default cc assignments from factory? i assume you want to access the synth parameters per drum?

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I used Bass, snare, rim, hats n cymbals everything but toms on both my main drum machines. There on their respective Definitions

Then I made a joint Toms one on its own definition using the Drum section of the .txt doc to manually select the correct MIDI channel and note.

Not Ideal but then its not a DAW. And I do love work arounds. How happy accidents are born :ok_hand:


have to make 8 drum defs only it seems. For isla s2400 I have a def for bank A and Bank B which are 8 pads each. TR8S there is one for main sounds and then toms etc. I wish the drum mode had at least two banks of 8. 4 banks would be great though for 32 drum sounds

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Great… do you mind uploading them? Would be appreciated :pray:

The tr8s ones are here on this forum. They are super easy to make/modify. Just look at the file its pretty self explanatory.

Pretty much same here: I address 16 pads on my 1010 blackbox with 2x drum lanes. So I’m using track 1+2 with 8 notes each (on a single MIDI channel). With 55 notes, you could just use one large poly track and pray that your drum synth uses a halfway logical distribution from C0 to B6 or something (in drums like the Erica Synths LXR2, this can be changed in settings, in the Nord Drum 3P, it’s fixed). So except for a good overview, you don’t necessarily need a Drum Lane.