Honest question: how glad you switched from Pyramid to Hapax?

With this time period elapsed, I think by now most users here have had ample time to get a solid opinion.
It’s not so much about listing or comparing technical features, it’s more about a general assessment of the two machines as tools/instruments.
So, again for those who went from Pyramid to Hapax, please tell about all the things making you glad (or not) you have switched to Hapax.


Pyramid was my Elektron sequencers buddy when I owned one. Now, my Elektron sequencers are my Hapax buddies :wink:

i bought Pyramid basically at the end of its development cycle, two months before Hapax was announced. so only just started scratching the surface with Pyramid when i switched. they’re different ways to get a composition to the same destination, but also Hapax is still very early on in its own development, and i ended up moving over to Deluge anyway at this point for the arranger mode.

I had a Pyramid for over a year before I got the Hapax. My first reaklsequencer, so I was very green. Maybe partly because of the time I spent scratching my head for a year on Pyramid, but mostly because of UI, the Hapax took a fraction of the time to learn the basics. It would be a great 1st sequencer, especially in 2.0 because it just makes sense.
I had fun with the NDLR and Pyramid together, but now Hapax can basically do what the 2 could do in one machine…so I gotta get to selling them.
I’m sometimes tempted to keep one or the other, but then I mess around with HAPAX and realize there’s no need for anything else…

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