Hi guy just opend the box :)

Hi I´m peppe from Sweden and this will be my tenth stepsequencer over the years I think.
I will use it to conrol stuff I built in Reaktor and max/Ableton live will record it´s midi.
So… I will only use the USB midi and opend up Ableton and was hoping I could see some new midi inputs/ouputs and need some guidence to set it up.
I have printed out the manual and reading back and forward and stuff is really stright forward but just much!

Happy to be aboard :slight_smile:

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Computer as master of course

I can only find USB clock out option. Not recive…

No other then me using it with ableon? I belive I set the right prefs for it to start it as slave but obviously I havent because Pyramide wont start :confused:

I wrote the squarp guys as i don’t manage to get clock to pyramid. In midi in settings i put pyramid to recive clock and start and stop.
I get a midi interface in a few days and hopefully i will get it to work then as using USB dont work for me

It’s hard to help without knowing what exactly you have done etc, as you noticed there are a lot of options. Did you notice that USB-MIDI has its own sync-settings?

I don’t know the first thing about Ableton but it gets mentioned here quite a bit. Searching the forum would be a good idea.

Hi thanks for your reply. Yes i have put pyramid in slave mode in midi in/usb in pyramid settings. But it wont start.
I’m getting a usb midi interface this week i hope.

Does it receive/send anything besides power over USB? (check in the midi-monitor) Some USB cables lack the data wires entirely.

There’s also an “USB on/off” setting in the misc department, manual speaks of output, no idea if it affects input too. And of course the DAW-side will need some configuration too, but I don’t use those so can’t help with that.

I just updated to ableton live 11 and i think the problem is within live.
I keep trying thanks. I will try with other cables and USB borts

I changed USB hub now it works. Never buy computer gear from china…

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