Hermod's Scale Color parameter?

Hello everyone ! I just got an Hermod and it’s fantastic.

The only thing I don’t understand about it is the Color parameter in the Scale effect.

I know all the scales that are under the “Scale parameter”, however the “Color” parameter makes it confusing. I browsed to every combinations possible to try to understand it, and it makes no sense to me.
For example if I want it to be in Harmonic Minor, why should I select the Minor color before ? And why some scales are working under one type of color, but still available under other colors, which just makes it do octaves ?

Can someone please explain to me exactly how those combinations works ? And does someone maybe have a cheat sheet that shows exactly what scales results of every combinations ? :pray:

It’s just a filter to make navigation between scales more predictable. Depending on the “color” selection, you only see the subset of the scales that has the color.

So yes, to select Harmonic Minor, you would select the “minor” color first, and then - from the selection of minor-flavored scales - you would choose the “harmonic m”. Some scales obviously fit multiple colors - like the major pentatonic, so you will find it both under “major” and “dominant.”

I don’t see any absolute criteria for assigning scales to colors, especially the more exotic ones, aside from the obvious one (agreement of the third and the seventh of the flavor). So, for example, if you have an E minor chord in a C major song, it needs a “minor” flavor, but it works well with multiple scales: phrygian (same sounds as the tonic), dorian (adding F# and C#), minor pentatonic (sticking to E minor 7 + 11) etc. Hermod “suggests” all those scales for the E minor “flavor” by making them easier to dial in than obviously dissonant ones.

Ok so I think that’s why it’s weird for me. The Color parameter doesn’t filter anything on my Hermod.
All scales are still available in all color mods.
I’m in the last firmware, is it some kind o bug ?

Interesting, could be a bug in 1.72 (I’m still on 1.71). Unless someone else reports, I can try this once I update my Hermod (for some reason I didn’t notice the 1.72 update).

Hey thanks for the help. I did a ticket today explaining that situation.

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