Hermod's C44 capacitor fell off

Hi everyone,

During transit, the C44 capacitor became detached, taking a portion of the PCB trace with it. You can see the damage in these images:

I plan to repair it myself. My approach involves:

  1. Removing the paint to expose the underlying trace.
  2. Soldering a short 30 AWG wire to the exposed trace, as illustrated in green in this image: Pasteboard - Uploaded Image
  3. Cleaning the area.
  4. Re-soldering the capacitor, with the negative terminal connected to the existing pad and the positive terminal soldered to the wire.

I’d appreciate any advice or recommendations on this.

I suspect that the C44 capacitor serves as a decoupling capacitor for noise filtering on the USB host input. Since I don’t currently use this feature, it may not be critical. However, I’d like confirmation and guidance from the Squarp Instruments team, as I may use it in the future.

Thank you!

Hi @rage
You steps are right!
Indeed, this capacitor filters the USB power supply.
You can also add a bit a glue to make sure the capacitor is well attached.

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