hermodOS 1.71 - new (bugfixed) Firmware

Hey y’all !

It’s been reported over the weekend that version 1.70 introduced a critical bug that prevented changing track lengths by 1/16th note increments.
We’re very sorry this slipped our beta testing.

hermodOS 1.71 should fix the issue.

To download this update, click on the link below:



had problems to get the pyramid working as host & midi through.
No Midi Data was forwarded to the midi out of the hermod.
I jumped back to 1.61 and it worked again.
Anybody with similar issues who could confirm this?

Much respect to Squarp, it’s really impressive how they continually keep improving their devices even with such a small team :+1:

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thanks squarp for the update!! Muting empty tracks is huge for my workflow, since previously cv/gate inputs would come through if I deleted the current track notes, and there was no way to mute them without unplugging cables. The ability to mute the empty track is so useful!

Also randomizing a selection is great. happy new year!

Actually, just tried it out now and am realizing muting an empty track does not mute the monitoring of incoming cv/gate. Is that the intended behavior @Thibault_Squarp? I guess muting an empty track is mostly useful if you want to create a sequence with the built in hermod buttons and then reveal it all at once?

randomizing a selection working great though, very cool feature.

Yes, muting tracks on hermod only affects the playback of recorded events.
A common workflow to mute “post-fx”, hence also muting monitoring, is to place a CHANCE effect in your last fx slot, with a chance of 0%, and muting/unmuting the CHANCE effect.


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