hermodOS 1.61 - new firmware

Hey y’all !
hermodOS 1.61 is also here !

This minor update fixes a few bugs, with regard to CV Recording capability, the Advanced Editor, and the Randomizer.

To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



Niceeee! So far cv recording is working much better thanks! have only played with it for 10 mins so far though.

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Nice, thanks!

Will I ned to re-calibtrate the module after installation?

I’d assume not, upgrades do not normally require re-calibration.
I didn’t bother, and seems fine.

my assumption is for 1.60 the user calibration file was changed (to support the improved calibration!?), so was required if users had performed previously performed a calibration (but not if they hadn’t… usually you dont need to calibrate hermod)

I assume just like you, I was hoping for a word from someone with actual knowledge…

CV recording is better but its not as smooth as it was in 1.50

what do you mean by smooth exactly? so far ive only tested with cv/gate to quantized notes. do you mean smoothness of a modulation track?

Sorry, I was wrong, never mind.

CV rec is fine, but MIDI mod wheel records with glitches :frowning:

What controller are you using?

Wheel from X-Station 61 and wheel from Nord Lead A1. Result is similar

Yeah I just recorded mod wheel from moog sub 37, initial recording is smooth but if i overwrite it its glitchy.

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