hermodOS 1.60 - new firmware

Hey everyone !

We’re happy to announce hermodOS 1.60 !

But wait, I hear you say, didn’t 1.50 come out super recently ? Why yes, and yet this one still manages to be packed with new features and bug fixes.
To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:


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wowzers trousers … lots of new stuff indeed!

holy shit, thank you squarp!

Ahhhhyeahhhh this is the one!!

MODMATRIX ATTENUVERTER/OFFSET: every modulation input can go through an attenuverter / offset stage. Buttons ① ② ③ ④ give you access to the normal modulation input/output, while ⑤ ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ show the attenuverter/offset stage for a given modulation.

The ability to precisely adjust the Mod Matrix inputs per track is such a killer feature.

Suddenly ‘Input A’ can perfectly change the number steps in the Euclid effect on Track 1, whilst precisely transposing notes on Tracks 2 & 3 and at the same time slightly changing the probability on all channels.

And there would still be 3 more inputs that can influence 8 effects across 8 tracks to muck around with!! :exploding_head:

Oh and…

RANDOMIZER: each track now has its own set of parameters


Seriously killed it with 1.60. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So happy that Hermod gets more capabilities but me as a hobbyist I don‘t even understand some of the descriptions of stuff that is now possible and the key combos get more and more … I just hope the online manual will keep up with it all.

its appears to already be up to date…
(e.g. mod matrix changes are definitely in manual already!)

I think squarp always release an update to manual at same time as firmware release.

if you see something missing, let them know via the contact page.

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This manual doesn’t cover even a 10% of all Hermod’s functions - https://squarp.net/hermod/manual
Is there a better manual?

Is there something you feel we should improve upon, in terms of the manual ?
We try to be exhaustive, but maybe more examples ?
Let us know!

I want to see all the hotkeys and combinations shown in the manual and all the features you add and describe in release notes provided in the manual with exact examples of usage.

I don’t think there is anything the manual doesn’t cover besides examples of usage. Most manuals don’t offer this though. A page dedicated to shortcuts is also on the website.

Personally, a way to export the manual would be useful so I can print it. Though I could just print the website so…

“* BETTER DAC CALIBRATION: (note that this new firmware is not compatible with your last DAC calibration, you will have start a DAC calibration again).”
This seems to imply that upgrading from a previous version will require recalibrating the outputs, is that correct? if so, what is the process to do this? Mine has been on the stock calibration since i got it.

The website is a Progressive Web App (PWA), so you can also save it to the homescreen of your Android or iOS smart device :wink:
What that means is that once you’ve loaded the manual once, you don’t need to be online nor have any reception to have access to it.

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This seems to imply that upgrading from a previous version will require recalibrating the outputs

You don’t need to recalibrate if you never did it. Only the non-stock calibration used a storage scheme that is now deprecated.

You can learn more about calibration on the settings page of the manual (at the very bottom):

ahhh got it, thanks!

ok, I’ve found that there are tabs in the manual that covers all the features.

Oh yeah, that works real nice actually. Cool!

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" * TRACK LENGTH 1/16th notes (instead of 1/4): now the polymetric resolution goes up to a sixteenth note! When changing the track length, hold the encoder to add/remove a sixteenth note to the length."

THANK YOU :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

Many thanks!!! Very happy with my hermod

I would love the manual to be available as PDF, it would be even greater to have it as .epub (I love to read on my ebook-reader, and pdf don’t scale and hence in general suck on an e-reader…