hermodOS 1.50 new firmware

Hey everyone !

We’re happy to announce hermodOS 1.50 !

This new firmware comes with a lot of bug fixes, and a couple of small new features.
To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



Thanks so much, I love it! Sustain seems to work well, and Step+X to delete all events on the current track is a HUGE improvement. Shortcuts like that are most welcome <3

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Is there a good cheatsheet or printable overlay for all the shortcuts Hermod has gotten over the years? I love that they are there but always forget them because I switch Sequencers regularly.

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I think the new ‘step advance’ feature really opens up lots of new possibilities.
many here, have wished that the Hermod act more like a traditional step sequencer, and now this seems to offer this possibility - really looking forward to exploring this - bravo!

the improved midi support (cc1 mod matrix, sustain pedal) are also really useful when playing keys into Hermod.

I also like all the UI changes, shortcuts and display - might seem small, but they all just make things much more comfortable.

I don’t think so, and there aren’t many shortcuts.
I have noticed that the new ones are already in the manual :+1: , perhaps if the community came up with a list, then these could be added to a 'shortcut page in the manual? (pyramid has one already)

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This is awesome, thanks for the great update! Addresses a ton of different issues I was having with hermod. and the added shortcuts are game changing for sure. Can do a lot more without menu diving now.

Does the new 1.50 update fix problems associated with using the Beatstep pro as a USB midi host?

Hi @brown242,

1.50 did not change anything with regard to USB.
As such, if you’ve been having issues in the past, I sorry to say I doubt that 1.50 will improve on this.

I just noticed the random Hermod logos on startup. Very cool. :sunglasses:

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Hey there! Advanced Step edit mode isn’t working for me anymore… Can you still access it by pressing step and the encoder in?

Hi @Jeez_Max,

That’s a reported bug, to be fixed by the upcoming hermodOS 1.51 release.


Thanks for getting back to me so quickly!

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Anyone having random crashes with 1.5? I’ve had two in two days. I’m not sure how or what caused them, I was just going from one mode to another (ie: Effect to Step).

As much as I love Hermod, I hate it too :sweat_smile:

Thank you. Another member on the forum said he was successful using the BSP thru USB

I just want to say a huge THANKS, this update addressed so many things I’ve been struggling with and that I’ve wanted hermod to be, it’s like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon.


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