hermodOS 1.20 new firmware online!

We just released hermodOS 1.20, download it now: http://squarp.net/hermodos

New features:

● STEP MODE: now you can reset the selected note to C4 (click the encoder, select CLEAR SELECTED NOTE).
● STEP MODE: if no modulation is recorded on a MOD track, the screen displays a dotted line.
● STEP MODE: if your are not in a modulation track and you hold STEP+rotate the encoder, you will change the octave of the selected note.
● MIDI FX: new parameter INPUT MOD. Allows you to select the input CC number, in order to control the modulation track (in previous versions, CC1 was the only possible CC number). Note that you will still be able to use CC1 (modwheel) even if this CC is not selected.
● MIDI FX: new parameter ALLOCATOR. Allows you to select how the voice-stealing works, when the track layout is polyphonic. You can set CYCLIC (when a new the note is received, the next free voice is allocated), POLY (same as in previous versions, works closely as cyclic but if a new note was already allocated on a voice, this voice will keep this new note), FIRST (the first note will always play on the first voice, the second note will always play on the second voice, … ), RANDOM (voices are randomly allocated).
● TRACK MODE: a small “x” is displayed on the screen, if the track includes events (notes, modulation, gate, pitchbend or aftertouch).
● SETTINGS: new parameter CV IN > QUANTIZE NOTE = ON (GATE). Get and convert inputed CV/GATE note only at the moment when the gate goes low to high.
● SETTINGS: new parameter CV IN > RANGE = -2.5V > 2.5V, in order to scale a -2.5V … 2.5V input signal to Hermod’s standard -5V … +5V
● SETTINGS: new parameters CLOCK > CV CLOCK OUT = G1+RESET, G2+RESET, … G8+RESET. When selected, Hermod will output a RESET signal on the CV output (together with the clock on the GATE output), helping your modules to keep the sync when PLAY is pressed.
● PROJECT: for more safety, now you have to press X to load a project or delete a project (in the project list).
● LFO FX: DESTINATION = MOD is now selected by default when you work on a MODULATION track.
● TRACK LAYOUT = 1 VOICE: MODULATION is now selected by default.
● Lowest BPM is now 1 instead of 40

Bug fixes:

● Encoder precision improved.
● ABDC inputs precision and calibration improved.
● Monitoring CV/GATE inputs AB or CD (to the CV/GATE outputs) is now only possible when the track is either recording, empty, muted, or if the sequencer is stopped.
● When you enter a menu, the selection cursor is now always on the left.
● TAP TEMPO: the limit is now fixed to 250
● Freeze with DELETE PROJECT empty selection fixed.
● Freeze with PASTE TRACK fixed.
● STEP MODE: the C10 note is now accessible with the piano roll
● STEP MODE = MOD: changing the GATE length was adding an event MODULATION.
● STEP MODE: advanced mode is now working.
● Hermod freeze at startup (when receiving incoming midi clock) solved
● STUCK GATE fixed (when we change the current track, and that track was assigned to CV/GATE inputs).
● SETTINGS > CV IN > RANGE now works (in previous versions, 0V>5V worked as the -5V>5V parameter).
● STEP mode: fixed a bug that was making difficult to enter a step when this one was already including pitch or aftertouch.
● SCALE FX: changing TRANSPOSE parameter was working when if the effect was muted.
● SCALE FX: CHROMATIC, OCTAVE, MAJ THIRD, FOURTH parameters now works as they should.
● DELAY FX: DRY/WET = 0% was playing the delayed notes, instead of playing only the original note.
● DELAY FX: problem with unsynced delayed notes fixed.
● HARMONIZER FX: the HARMO 4 parameter now works.
● MIDI OUTPUT FX: now it does not send the pitchbend, aftertouch or modulation CC if no changes have been detected.
● SWING FX: sometimes, the very first notes of the track were missing.
● LFO FX: when we change the BPM, the LFO effect keeps its sync.
● PROJECT: LOAD is faster. SAVE is more robust. Latency when we enter the LOAD PROJECT list is drastically reduced.



This has all of the critical things that were missing, at least for me. The G8 + Reset clock makes the Hermod SO much better to use for me and the polyphony settings … I didn’t expect these improvements after the Squarp comments in the forum.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH guys, SUPERB WORK! Now I don’t regret ordering that black faceplate :wink:

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An idea if you ever touch the clock feature again. Some sequencers like the René 2.0 can only activate start stop commands via a gate that is always high. From the manual:

FUN.MOD.RUNSTP: Channel runs on MOD Gate High, Stop on MOD Gate Low with respect to CLK. C/Orange, each axis receives its Run/Stop information from the MOD input from the axis of the same name.

I can solve this by playing a full length note on track 7 for every new song I create or use a sample and hold, but maybe you guys find a better way.

The Makenoise TEMPI on the other hand has a mode that can start and stop things just when gates go high, so it works perfectly there.

I tested the setup for 30 minutes now and when my Digitakt sends the START STOP signal to the Hermod the START signal always works but stop sometimes does, sometimes doesn’t. (Via midi cable, not usb).

great update - thank you!

Thank you for your work that went into fixing so many things. Very cool!

If you catch a bug, even minor, please send us a message here: https://squarp.net/contact

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anyone get the new gate/reset to work with pams new workout?

Thanks for the update … much appreciated

Thanks for the update, really.

Great update. Hermod is proving to be an essential in my rack

Great job! Really crossing my fingers that the new ALLOCATOR effect will eventually have a HIGH/LOW setting, where the high note is always sent to voice 1, low note to voice 2 etc. Or something like that… something that would allow for duophonic performances like how the Arp Odyssey, maxikorg 800DV, Roland SH7, Moog Sub37 etc. work. This would also allow for assigning the high note of a pad to a specific oscillator, or the bass note… it would be highly useful, it’s a frustrating omission this far! But so great to see the company being more committed to development and improvement than what the messages in the forum indicated. Thanks for this update!


i don’t get how the reset works. in my settings i can only choose what gate the clock is sent out and there is no + reset.

It’s in the manual:

GATE 1 to GATE 8 : program one of the gate output to act as a global clocking output (if you want to use more than one clock, you can use the gate signal of a pattern as a clock). G1+RESET to G8+RESET : Hermod will output a RESET signal on the CV output (together with the clock on the GATE output), helping your modules to keep the sync when PLAY is pressed. G1+RUN to G8+RUN : outputs 5V on the CV output if Hermod is playing, and 0V if Hermod is stopped.


If you don’t see any of that, then try updating your OS and have another go.

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