Hermod Volca Drum MIDI question

I’m looking for a little help connecting my new Volca Drum (which is fantastic, by the way) so that I can play it with my Keystep keybed. Pitch control in “split channel mode” is on CC 28 … when I assign DEST PITCH on the MIDI output plugin to CC 28 it still triggers the note as though it’s still set to PITCH (does not change pitch) … am I missing something?

BTW if I set the DEST MOD to CC 28 it works just fine, but it’s hard to play in any sort of melodic way using the mod wheel. Also if I use a modulation layout I can create a stepped modulation that changes pitch when set to CC 28 but I don’t know how to control that with the Keystep keybed either.


unfortunately, DEST PITCH is for pitchbend, not pitch… (shortened i guess for small display)
this is because pitchbend is allowed to be treated as a secondary modulation source rather than just pitch related (see midi input)

on pyramid there is note to cc effect, but that does not exist on hermod.

there seems to be a few limitations here, which all conspire against a solution.
midi CC output is restricted to pitchbend, aftertouch, mod
i dont think you can use CV in (a-d) to target any of these, so you cannot self-patch cv pitch, back into cv in and use as these.

the second limitation may be something Squarp would consider as a change -
i.e. cv A -> mod/aftr/pitchbend in a similar way to cv/gate is done.

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Hey thetechnobear, thanks for the thoughtful and informative reply. I didn’t realize that was for pitchbend, that would explain why if you change it it still tracks pitch!

The only way I could make it work is using three tracks and another sequencer (O_c in this instance):
Track 1 is the clock to move the other sequencer along
Track 2 is NOTE set to CV/GATE AB so it can trigger the drum
Track 3 is MOD set to CV MOD A to alter the pitch of the drum

Not perfect but it’s the best I can figure out for now