Hermod transpose single note into a chord

Is there a way for Hermod to take a single monophonic MIDI input note (eg C) and transpose it to a chord (eg C major), outputting the individual chord components on separate tracks ?

This post suggests there is -

but the answer is somewhat cryptic -

A) Can be achieved using the SCALE effect and the ModMatrix

Is anyone able to give more specific details of how to achieve this ?

cc @AndreasSteiner

use harmonizer -> scale ?

Ah that’s interesting.

Let’s say I want a 3 note chord - presumably I need three CV tracks for that.

Reading from the Tracks manual (“Example of a voice layout”) -

On the track 5, set "3 VOICES" and "POLY" .. track will control a 3 voices (polyphonic) voice"

So that sounds like “set 3 voices + poly on track 5, and Hermod will configure tracks 5-7 for you”

Assuming that’s right, if I use a Harmonizer effect on track 5 with 3 notes, will those notes be auto- mapped to tracks 5-7 ?

yes, polyphony is going to need (at least) one track (for cv/gate) per voice - and you do this by selecting number of voices, then how to lay them out (e.g. poly)

(the reason is… can use multiple tracks per voice as well e.g. if you are wanting pitch & velocity, you end up using 2 tracks - so multi track is being used for two different purposes)

a couple of notes:

  • the above applies to CV, a single track can be polyphonic for MIDI OUT.
  • I dont use polyphony on eurorack :slight_smile:
    so have not tested harmonizer, Im more familiar with it on the pyramid, but seems to work the same.

Very helpful, many thanks.

Why no modular polyphony ? What do u use instead ?

The expense :slight_smile:

I prefer having a bunch of separate and different voices in eurorack - then use a poly synth ( or computer) for polyphonic voices.

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