Hermod+ Track CV Pitch and Gate issues

I am trying to use an Osmose keyboard in mpe mode with a uCVC module (MIDI to CV converter) with the Hermod+. I have Track 1 set to Pitch and Gate via CV Inputs A and B . When I set the layout for Track 1 to “1 Voice > Mono (Note)” and set the TR1 Input CV to “CV/Gate AB” I can see on my scope that there is pitch and gate CV being sent from the uCVC, but the Hermod+ only receives the gates. But the gates don’t re-trigger for legato playing. And there is no pitch tracking.

However, when I tried changing the layout for Track 1 to “1 Voice > Modulation” and set the TR1 Input to “Mod A”, I got both pitch tracking and gates, even when playing legato… For about 20 minuets. Then it just stopped working and now it won’t register triggered gates from the uCVC. If I bypass my VCA I can hear that it is still tracking pitch.

I have tried every combination with the different track layouts and TR Input assignments but I can’t get it to work again. Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong?

Forgetting mpe and the Osmose for a second…

I don’t understand why the Hermod+ will recognize pitch but not the gate from my uCVC module when Track 1 is set to “1 Voice > Mono” with TR1 CV Input is assigned to “CV Gate AB”? Or conversely, why the Hermod+ will recognize the gate but not the pitch if set to “1 Voice > Modulation” with TR1 CV Input is assigned to “Mod A”? The uCVC is outputting both regardless of these settings. So why do I only get one or the other?


I reached out to Squarp and they sorted me out. I wasn’t sending gate retriggers to the Hermod+. Something that I will need to address with the uCVC.

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