Hermod Sync Issues

I’m running into trouble syncing Hermod from an external source via CV.

I’m using SW Sync from ableton to sync my modular. I’m syncing Pamela’s workout, Varigate8 and Hermod. Pams and Varigate are working fine as exptected, but the Hermod has a strange behavior.
Every time, it resets itself after 1/4 note.

I’m sending the same reset signal via buffered mult to all the other modules, and they only reset when i stop/start Ableton, all working correctly. The Hermod doesn’t stop at all when ableton stops, (i’ve read the other threads and whilst this is a little annoying, it’s not a workflow killer). But what’s making it very hard to work with is that the hermod is perfectly in time, but since it resets after the first 1/4 note, it’s perfectly OUT of sync with everything else.

Is anyone else experiencing a problem like this? I thought it could be a problem with how i’ve set up the SW Sync plugin, but since the other modules are getting along just fine, i’m pretty sure it’s the hermod. Again, the tempo sync is great, rock solid, but it keeps restarting itself 1 beat in every time i press play on ableton.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hi @cheeseandbiscuits
If I understand:

  1. You press PLAY on Ableton
  2. Hermod starts from the beginning in time (thanks to the RESET input)
  3. Hermod reset itself again after a delay of 1/4 note

Am I right?

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Yes that’s correct, after 1/4 it resets and then plays the sequence. (So the first 1/4 of my sequence plays twice before continuing, and this makes the hermod 1/4 note out of sync with everything else)

Thanks. What Hermod firmware version are you running ? 1.03 ?

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Yes 1.03

I made a quick video to illustrate the behaviour…

First i play the sequence (a simple drum pattern) from the internal clock.

Then i change the clock to cv A which is being sent from silent way Sync from Ableton. Here you can see what i’m talking about how it resets itself… Today it’s not exactly 1/4 out though.

When i press stop in ableton, the hermod continues playing, but at a very fast clock rate… (I can live with that, but the problem with picking up the sync is a bit of an issue.)

Please take a look here!

Thanks a lot for this one, we will work on it!

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Was this ever resolved? I just purchased the RME Babyface Pro audio interface to I can run Ableton with Hermod and the rest of my Eurorack setup. This kind of worries me.