Hermod - specific MIDI CC to CV control

For anyone reading this in the future, here’s how I get a single CC to CV from Sensory Percussion (MIDI drum hard/software) to Hermod.

Select your track - Track Mode / Layout / 1 Voice / Modulation.
So say for track one, you hit the encoder, select Layout, set number of voices to 1, then select Modulation. Then match the MIDI channel on the same track to where you’re sending the CC from. The CV out on track one should show a direct CC to CV conversion.

This probably works the same for all other Midi controllers.

My main problem is I can’t get more than one CC-CV per MIDI channel. For Sensory Percussion, where you can make a huge number of CCs per drum, this is a huge let down. I would be thrilled if someone can point out a way to do this or if future firmware updates allowed for filtering for specific CC messages.

The Modmatrix allows for filtering for CC messages to affect outgoing actions but I can’t seem to find any way to filter for incoming CC.

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