Hermod - specific MIDI CC to CV control

Hi everyone. Just got my Hermod and trying to figure out how to use it as a Midi to CV hub for Sensory Percussion (a drum based MIDI controller). I cannot figure out how to set up tracks in Hermod to listen for specific MIDI CC. Does anyone have experience using Hermod as a MIDI hub with specific CC assignments? I see a lot of MIDI thru options for device/host/etc but no options for how MIDI to CV is configured. Any help for this beginner would be hugely appreciated!

See the manual under “ModMatrix”, which allows you to route MIDI CC information to various destinations.

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Did you ever figure out how to do this? I would like to do the same but have my tr8 trigger my modules

I just got the Hermod a couple of days ago for the same use with Sensory Percussion. Just today I realized that I may not be able to use it as a straight up “MIDI CC in - CV out” converter. However, you can use MIDI CC’s for internal modulation of various parameters via the ModMatrix as Andreas said. As I’m only a couple days in, there may be something else I don’t realize.

Looking forward to exploring all the possibilities with the internal modulation possibilities, but I am a bit disappointed I can’t use those CC’s from Sensory Percussion for CVing the rest of my system. I was using a Vermona QMI for that purpose and I was envisioning replacing it with the Hermod, but I guess I’ll hold onto both for now.

@masonself Mason, could you share a run down of how Hermod is working for you specifically with Sensory Percussion?

I’ve looked at the ModMatrix, updated to latest firmware. I’m only able to have one drum affect one CC --> CV. What I’d love to do is have one drum allow for multiple CC (center to edge, velocity on the rim, etc) to CV outs. As far as I’ve tested, generally one cc takes over and the other cc signals don’t make it through, no matter how I arrange it.

Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated. Or do I need to get a V-QMI?

I’ve been experimenting and comparing using the Hermod instead of the CV.OCD to control multiple devices from the Pyramid.

I’ve had great luck setting up Hermod as a CV/Gate expansion of the Pyramid.
The trick seems to be the “active channel” which by default is set to 1. So that means which ever track is selected will also receive whatever is playing on, or through the sequencer.
It’s pretty simple as a concept, but when replaying and working with multiple tracks it can become confusing, asking myself “Why is that playing here?”

Making small adjustments to channels and tracks along the way and I’ve managed to make pretty reliable use of Hermod as an 8 channel midi to cv/gate converter.

It doesn’t feel solid like the CV.OCD does… perhaps it’s because it’s all subjective and changeable? I’m not sure why the “feeling” isn’t as solid, but as long as I keep a saved project with the setup as I like it, then I can always just load up an 8 channel midi/cv converter when needed.

I have not played a show or a set with this configuration yet. But for composition and exploration it’s been pretty ace.

@scrathy I have had success with using CC’s from Sensory Percussion to modulate multiple internal parameters on the Hermod with the ModMatrix. As far translating the CC to a CV output, the only way I’ve figured out how to do that is that assign the CC to MIDI: Root Note in the ModMatrix and create a single droning note on that channels sequence with out any rest. That MIDI note has to be a D5 to avoid “folding over” and get an accurate translation of the the CC range to voltage. Do you have another way of getting a CC to translate to CV output? My method feels janky and like it might not work 100% of the time.

As far as only getting one cc at a time that takes over, is that happening when you’re modulating internal hermod parameters?


For anyone reading this in the future, here’s how I get a single CC to CV from Sensory Percussion (MIDI drum hard/software) to Hermod.

Select your track - Track Mode / Layout / 1 Voice / Modulation.
So say for track one, you hit the encoder, select Layout, set number of voices to 1, then select Modulation. Then match the MIDI channel on the same track to where you’re sending the CC from. The CV out on track one should show a direct CC to CV conversion.

This probably works the same for all other Midi controllers.

My main problem is I can’t get more than one CC-CV per MIDI channel. For Sensory Percussion, where you can make a huge number of CCs per drum, this is a huge let down. I would be thrilled if someone can point out a way to do this or if future firmware updates allowed for filtering for specific CC messages.

The Modmatrix allows for filtering for CC messages to affect outgoing actions but I can’t seem to find any way to filter for incoming CC.

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where do you see this exactly ?