Hermod short gate

I’m trying to trigger my befaco kickall module. Unfortunately I’m not able to produce the required really short gate signal.
Is the shortest value 1/8? Can I get out of the grid with the gate length? What am I missing?
Thanks and greets!

yeah, fixed values and 1/8 is shortest.
you’ll have to send a feature request to squarp via contact form

btw: bit surprised kickall needs a ‘short gate’, usually drum modules take a trig, but really the only important part of that is the leading edge. … not sure why it would care about the length of the ‘gate’

yes kickall behaves weird.
there is an advantage tho, it acts like a hold or sustain. useful if you use it as a synth voice. but stupid as a drum, which it actually is…

yeah ok, I’ll try my luck with a new FtrReq. again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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