Hermod serial 0000000000005 =)

whoooaa les mecs-il est trop mortel!!!

just a few words of praise…after slotting it into my rack i had a tune going on within 5 minutes! this is definately the most easy to use AND complex sequencer i ever layed my hands on.
how i use it:
after being seriously pissed off with my mpc live in midi slave mode (Timing is horrible and handling got well below professional as everything is Monitoring the masterclock) i decided it needed to be the Masterclock in my Setup…so, mpc is clocking hermod which is clocking pamela’s workout and no more horrible Timing drifts!
as i’m not a Keyboarder, i use the mpc pads to ‘play’ notes. this all worked perfectly from the get go. so basically i use 1 midi cable to control my whole System via hermod-thats really cool!

its time to plug my Novation Nova into the midi out of the hermod-polyphonic multitimbral supersaws here we come!!!