[Hermod] polyphony behaviour when OUTPUT effect on track is sending to midi-out


I’m about to purchase Hermod but have some questions/concerns.

I want it to be the brain of my live setup. So I want to control my modular but also two external hardware synths: a monophonic one ( moog minitaur ) and a polyphonic one ( prophet p8 ).

Some questions regarding the OUTPUT effect and POLYPHONY on a track:

  • I was wondering if using one of the tracks to control the p8 with the midi out port on hermod is possible with 8 note polyphony using only one track on hermod
  • If possible I wonder if also velocity info, aftertouch info etc… can also be used with this one only track

Some questions regarding USB of the tracks:

  • I was wondering if using ONE of the hermod tracks sending to the Moog minitaur via the USB for example it’s possible ( with velocity, pitch, and gate info via USB )
  • If possible I wonder if the gate and cv outputs for this track on hermod are available as well ( may be with the same output as the USB )


yes, tracks are polyphonic … so midi output is polyphonic on one track
(the restriction is simply the one cv/gate output on one track… and needing more tracks for more cv outputs)

cv outputs can be used at the same time as midi output.
if you were only using 1 track, the the midi will have pitch/velocity, but you’ll be limited to cv/gate - but you can configure to use 2 tracks to get pitch/velocity/gate from cv.

Hey @javifr,

Yes, all of that is possible.

Thanks @Thibault_Squarp and @thetechnobear

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