Hermod PDF Manual

Dear Hermodians!

I converted the most recent Squarp online manual to PDF, layout adjustments, some spelling corrections and all.
Let me know if you find more and I’ll adjust the document.
I wrote hermodOS 1.42, but the manual might be from before the most recent firmware. Please let me know if you know.

I don’t know how to upload it here directly, but you can find it on page 13 of the Muff Wiggler thread.

Hermod PDF Manual

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Awesome idea and thank you! I just tried the link and it says nothing is there?

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Sorry, I updated the link.

Hi @mikeleebirds,

Thank you for such a great initiative, and for providing the community with your work!
Obviously, if you kept track of the corrections you applied with regard to spelling, wording, etc., we’d be glad to have a look and incorporate them in the online manual.
Don’t hesitate to contact us via the contact form:

We’ll gladly consider wording/spelling changes on all our manuals, if they improve the clarity of these documents for the betterment of the entire community.

Thanks again for your work!


Oh, why didn’t I think of that? Such a good idea.
Unfortunately I did not mark my corrections, but if I find the time I‘ll sift through the online manual again and let you know.
All corrections were minor, though. :slight_smile:

Thank you again!!!

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Super helpful. Will you update with the shortcuts and stuff 1.5 brought?

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I do.
For completeness‘ sake I‘ll add the complete firmware changelog to the end of the manual.
If I have the time I will also incorporate the updated 1.5 functionality in the the relevant sections.

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dearmikeleebirds, anything which needs adding since 1.5? many thanks for the good work

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I had to sell my Hermod, unfortunately, and haven’t worked on the manual since…

what did you do to create the pdf? copy n pastes into acrobat?

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easy way to do this is, use a browser - then print … save as pdf.
then just bring in the 8 or so documents and edit them a little (if necessary)

if you just want an offline copy, really you dont even need to bother editing them - they come out reasonable as is… I think only reason I;d bother editing, would be if you were going to add a table of contents, to make it easier to navigate.

that said… I much prefer to have manuals online, and the hermod one is quick/easy to navigate.

(if you only want a hardcopy, you can of course just print directly from the webpage, no need for going via pdf)

Thank you mikeleebirds, exactly what I need !
Great job !

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Unfortunately it’s rather out of date, I think.

Hey everyone! I posted an updated pdf of the Hermod manual which covers v1.72. Doesn’t include the Quick Start but does have a Table of Contents. Part of my new gear learning process is typing out or copying the manual, if it’s short enough. Let me know if I missed anything.


Hermod User Manual v1.72