hermod+OS 1.20 - new firmware

Hi everyone,

hermod+OS 1.20 was just released!

This upgrade is introducing 2 new features:
• Audio synchronization from a DAW
• New layouts (mix the MOD output with other voices)

This update also greatly improve the clock jitter when Hermod+ is synchronized.

Have fun!


omg this is awesome, thank you so much!!!

what a pleasant surprise! : )) Thanks!

Thanks! What exactly is the difference with the new audio synchronization? We could already do that by using the cv inputs for clk sync I thought?

Audio sync is primarily intended to work with “regular” AC coupled audio interfaces.

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Lovely! Cheers for the update!

Update to 1.20 and there is some glitch in the editing effect, very often hermod+ froze and forced to turn on and off power for Hermod+ to work again…