hermod+OS 1.10 - new firmware

Hey everyone,

hermod+OS 1.10 was just released !

It fixes a few bugs, most notably a clock sync issue.
But it also comes with a very exciting new feature: ON AIR mode ! Turn the pads into a keyboard, and play live !

To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



Killer update!! :sunglasses:

Hell yeah what a great update!

that On Air thing is cool!

Not sure if this is a bug or a feature, but if you turn on the Keyboard, and add an Arp effect, it will play the arp, which is cool, but if you then change the ARP style while still holding down the keypads it will “Latch” the arp and it will continue to play. While this seems unintentional, a Latch mode would be a good feature to have, Maybe need to add a Latch on/Off setting to the arp effect. Just need a way to turn it off :slight_smile:

Edit: Actually, Pressing the Play button turns it off

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So amazing!! Can’t wait to try out the keyboard. This is such a huge upgrade to hermod+. Thanks squarp!

Thanks a lot! I was wondering if it’s possible to have velocity sensitive pads in the future?

I’m not sure the pads would support velocity. But, it would be great if when a Track is set up as VEL - the ON AIR pads represent 16 levels of velocity (like Hapax).


I second this as an intentional feature.

Anyone else having a hard time updating? Sd card is properly formatted that came with Hermod +. Keep getting unable to find hermodplus.bin and update continues for as long as I leave my system on. Have tried both putting plus.bin file onto sd card and in hermod folder. Neither have worked.

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Not had that during the updates I’ve done. Maybe redownload the update file in case it’s that that is corrupted.

The file only needs to go in the root folder of the Micro SD card.

If that doesn’t work, do you have a spare card you can format and try?

And if that doesn’t work, I’d contact Squarp.

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