Hermod + Organelle

hey guys! i’m begining know with hermod and I have a question! do you know how to sync hermod with organelle (critter and guitari)?

thanks a lot!

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they are a fun pairing :slight_smile:

ok, its a while since i did this last… since I often use the pyramid as the master clock
(so apologies, if i mis-remembers some of this… it it doesn’t work let me know, and i’ll check it again!)

assuming the Organelle patch has the later C&G clock sub-patch (so not in some of the really old patches) - it can send midi clock (has to be enabled) and act as master, receive midi clock (does this ‘automatically’) and slave to it.

but, unlike the Pyramid, i dont think the the hermod can send midi clock…
(or did i miss this somewhere?)

but it can slave, so you can turn on midi clock output on the organelle, and then in midi settings on hermod set clock source = device port

i actually quite like this route, since the Organelle supports ableton link , and so you can sync your modular to ableton link via the Organelle :slight_smile:

but, it would be nice if @squarpadmin added midi clock output, as sometimes its nice to be generating the clock on the modular.
currently i get around this by using the pyramid - where you can take cv clock as an input, and then transmit midi clock.

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as it was a long time ago… I thought id double check :slight_smile:

ok, so there is a slight issue - not sure if it was there before or not (im now using OS 1.30),
(or perhaps I didnt encounter as i usually have pyramid in the loop somewhere, which is set to not retransmit clock, or perhaps i used my usb -> din cable?)

if you connect as i suggested above organelle usb-> usb device port , and use organelle as a clock source, it appears you get midi feedback… it appears that the Hermod is sending clock back to the host , and organelle patches will pick up that clock, and then feed it back to the hermod.

there are three solutions:
a) use a usb -> midi din cable (cheap about $15?)

b) edit the organelle patch , and change the clock sub-patch so that if it sends clock out, it ignores clocks on input . (I’ll make this change to Orac for next beta, and then re-test this)

c) @squarpadmin fix hermod, so that it doesn’t send midi clock back down the usb port :wink:
Ive submitted a bug for this on the squarp website.


man, you’re unbelievable !!! thank you’re very much! i’m without words! i’ve tried once to sync the orac clock with the micromidi (intelijell) and it worked, i’m gonna test what you said!! thank you very much! and i’m waiting for this orac update!!!

thank you man! you’re a king on oraganelle/hermod, i’m really your fan! thanks!