Hermod (or Pyramid) for MIDI and CV looping in 2021

Greetings. I’m looking for something that does MIDI looping and allows you to save the loop after for use in other settings. I’m wondering if the Hermod, or Pyramid, might be the thing. I also love the idea of the MIDI effects.

I was thinking Hermod because I have Eurorack and would love the host functionality. I also have a Five12 Vector that isn’t going anywhere for traditional step sequencing. I do also have MIDI synths I’d use with it.

So, my questions:

If you’re using it for building parts by looping, are you happy with it as a MIDI looper? Is it missing anything important? If so, does the Pyramid have that thing?

Can you overdub on a track, and if so, is there an undo function?

Is there a way to use a foot pedal to move it in and out of record mode?

Is there a way to manually assign parameters to a track, say pitch, mod wheel and aftertouch? I see there are defaults in the manual (like pitch, gate, velocity). I know I’d need extra CV outs for that (could also use MIDI).

Is the 64 step limit and issue for recording live parts? Is the Pyramid better?

Will I have much need for the tiny screen with my intended use?

I’m also considering a Bastl MIDI looper, but it doesn’t have export.

Thank you for your thoughts.

Hermod can be used as a basic looper, but no it doesn’t have many of the functions you are talking about. e.g. undo or pedal control, and yes it has limits on length. you cannot export midi.
really the looper mode is not much more than live recording with variable length.

The pyramid has more features e.g. undo, and pedal control, longer length.
doesn’t really have export midi, but you can take the midi files it creates from the sdcard… this is usually ok if you are not using patterns.

Id say neither is primarily a looper though… they do the job within limits,
but if your primary need is a midi looper, then Id buy something that is explicitly designed for that role,
it will have less ‘compromises’ than something like the pyramid/hermod which Id say is more a sequencer, and the looper is more like an extra recording mode.

however, if you just want to record a few loops… e.g. as an alternative to programming or using step recording, then they may do all you need.

the pyramid, I often use loop recording for getting an idea started, then I develop the idea by re-recording parts/patterns - or step programming etc.

the hermod, Ive used more as a way to record cv or midi , often from other sequencers e.g. recording from MI marbles is fun.

so its fine for my needs, but If I was after something for performance looping, id probably go for the Bastl … or an audio looper!

btw: if you search for ‘looper’ on this forum, you will find a few posts about both hermod and pyramid looping functions and user experience.

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Thank you! It’s not so much “live looping” as live recording of editable MIDI I’m after.

I generally use Pyramid in loop mode as a music sketchpad and/or just to have fun playing keyboards (ie. basically the same way you might use a guitar looper). Im not really doing much composing on it. For this purpose its pretty much perfect IMO. I havent really run into any obvious practical limitations - in fact its one of the few devices i’ve owned where every feature i wished it had… it actually ended up already having, and i just needed to learn it.
The only thing i kinda wish it had was changing patterns by midi (so i could change via footpedal controller button etc). But you can usually achieve the same thing my making a duplicate sequence with the pattern switched. (and changing sequences is controllable by MIDI)
Yes, you can overdub MIDI on pyramid.
MIDI tracks are all saved on the SD card as part of the project, so importing/exporting is just a matter of grabbing those files.

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