Hermod not being seen in Win 10 device manager

Just bagged a Hermod and all is plugged in.
Running OS 1.42

USB cable connected to pc / USB device port on Hermod.

No device being picked up in device manager in Win 10 or in Studio One.

Any help much appreciated!

Check it’s a data cable and not just a usb power cable?

Yes, its a data cable (printer one)

I just plugged it into a laptop to double check and noticed a “device descriptor” error.

just tested here…

seems to be a windows problem… I get the same thing on my windows laptop,

however, the hermod is correctly seen on my mac and also my iConnectivity mioXm.
also the pyramid is seen correctly on my windows laptop.

(I use everything via my iConnectivity mioXm hence why Id not noticed an issue when using windows :wink: )

best to log this with squarp.

hopefully they can resolve it in a firmware update.


Thanks for confirmation!