Hermod noise issue, corresponding to lights

Hi there
Just got it, like it BUT it is creating some audible noise just by being plugged in to my rack (doepfer psu3). The noise is louder when more lights are lit up on the hermod:/

Anybody else experience this and find a solution?


I had this with my Pyramid when I used the cv/gate into a dfam. The more lights, the more noise. I’m not sure exactly what it was because I hooked up my Pyramid in so many different ways when I got it. I think it was a ground loop issue where the dfam was in a plugged in a different power strip or I had the pyramid plugged in a usb hub. The usb hub may not have had enough juice as well. In any case mine went away after moving things around that delt with power supply.

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Yep, thanks for your response. I’ve managed to fix it to a workable noise level by moving modules around - hermod seems to need to be on a busboard with only low power consumption modules (ie. analog modules). Btw I’m using a doepfer lc6, psu3. Supposed to be a very good psu. I guess hermod just needs A Lot of juice. I imagine it wouldnt work well in an LC9, which has the same psu for 150% HP.

Actually, although I have improved the situation, as soon as I start patching things to hermod, the noise comes back… Seems like it can’t live in the same case as squid Salmple… Bye bye hermod unless I can work something out… It’s a shame cuz I like the module:/ not enough to get a new case tho

I started getting this again when I introduced another box to my cv chain. Pyramid-dfam-neutron. It’s gotta be a grounding issue. I’ll troubleshoot it and let you know what fixes it.