Hermod mute notes?

Hello everyone, I was wondering is it possible to mute notes on the Hermod, I cant seem to find anything on the manual and playing around with it , if its not able to , can Squarp implement this in their upcoming updates?


I was only wondering this today, wouid be great to have the abilitly to slowly unveil more complex sequences in this way.

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please @squarpadmin make it happen!!

This is already possible now: modulate the chance parameter of the CHANCE effect. I do that all the time. 0% means no notes played, 100% means all notes played.

is there a way to mute notes per step manually ?

No, this is not possible as far as I know.

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Thanks i had thought of that one and will experiment, you just dont get to choose which notes get muted/ not played. I guess another way would be to create 8 versions of the track across the 8 sequence slots and remove different notes from each and then have the sequencer mode in jump to just swich between

And maybe another way would be to patch in velocity and then you can zero the velocity on each step and bring back up per step as required.

There are all sorts of possibilities, the best route for sure velocity (I.e. a vca). but there is no one-button-mute function. although this would be easy to implement using the 1-8 keys, similar to muting tracks. vca solution is better for studio, easy mute/unmute is important for jamming and live performance.

I agree , muybe a mute and unmute button like in the pyramid would be killer!! Please implement it :slight_smile:

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+1 Yes please squarp :slight_smile: