Hermod MIDI "remote" control and powering

Hello there,

I would like to ask if Hermod can be MIDI controlled for the following functions:
REC/Clear track/track mute and soloing.

My aim is to control it by feet operation only, by using a MIDI footswitch-board, like the xsonic ones.

Also, can you eventually power the module via the usb host socket?
Suppose I would like to install it and use it in an unpowered case alone.

thank you

no, none of this is available via midi.


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It’s not MIDI, but you can use a gate into one of Hermod’s CV inputs to control REC. I do this using a momentary footswitch into a Pulp Logic N.O. Sw 1U tile into Hermod. I’d imagine that you could use a MIDI-to-CV/Gate module to do something similar.

I suppose you could use hermod itself as that midi-to-cv/gate module. So on channel 1 (or any channel), use the gate output of that channel to trigger record by self patching it to the cv input.

So is it possible, by self patching this way you suggest, to control REC/clear track/mute or soloing track (using all 4CV inputs)?

Just REC

ok. thank you all for answers. I think I’m going to go eventually for a Pyramid.

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