Hermod: MIDI out not sending midi data


This is pretty basic, but I’m stumped and can’t figure it out.

Trying to record a chord from a controller and play it back on Hermod via the midi out port.

  1. Connect midi keyboard
  2. Test up a 4 voice polyphonic track
  • Midi Active Track Channel - 1
  • Track Channel - 2
  • Device Channel - 2
  1. Play and record the chord

  2. Even establishing a 1 Voice mono track and playing a chord into it records correctly, and reports from CV/Gate output 1

This all seems to be working fine.

However nothing seems to be coming out of the midi out port on Hermod.
I see the notes I’ve recorded, the CV and Gate jacks are working as expected (sending the 4 notes across 4 outputs with the appropriate gates/CV/Gate 1 respectively)
But no midi data.

Just to test the cable, etc I used the same cable, and the same device (1010’s Bitbox) and recorded a little sequence directly from the Keystep and it’s all working and playing back just fine. So the problem is certainly with Hermod.

I’ve looked at Thru and turned it on and off to see if that might make a difference, and it doesn’t seem to have any impact.

Has anyone else succeeded in doing this?
I’d love a look at all your settings, I’m not able to get it to work.


Maybe you already know that, but you don’t have to use 4 tracks if you only want to send it to Midi. A 1 voice mono track is enough to record and playback chords. Maybe I misread but do you add the “Midi output” on the effect rack ?


Yes, but the results are the same.
I’m just not getting any midi out at all.

Are you?

3 voices layout to 3 different midi output channels

Yes, on outputs Din or USB host, everything’s fine. I haven’t tested the USB device yet
Edit: My settings are really simple
Starting with a note track, I add a “midi output effect” to the rack, I set the output channel to the channel of my OP1 and record.

Have you tested each possible midi output ? Din , USB host and usb device ? If you connect Hermod directly to a computer and check with Midi Monitor ?

The only issue I notice on my side is that some Midi notes get stuck, but that’s another problem, mentioned in another thread.


Well, it really is the simple things isn’t it?

Just to be a bit self effacing here, I was actually up until nearly 4am attempting in every way I could imagine to get Hermod to play a chord out of the 1010 Music Bit Box sampler.
Of course I tried everything BUT setting up a midi out effect on the track.


It’s here playing away, just fine.

For those who are slow like me:

Here’s how you play midi with Hermod:

  1. Set a track up to be 1 Voice
  2. Add a MIDI out effect to this track and set the midi channel
  3. Look at your midi inputs to be sure you have the desired active track, and that the midi channel is set correctly for the track you wish to play and record.

NOTE: you can observe the step mode and see for yourself if the notes are being registered in Hermod
They will change as you play.

  1. Record live, or step in your chords.

You don’t need to use up valuable tracks for midi polyphony. A 1 Voice track will work just fine.
However, if you would also like to send those notes to CV destinations then it will also work to create a polyphonic track and then connect your CV outs to wherever you wish.

It works great!