Hermod midi functionality


I have a question about the Hermod that I haven’t been able to answer by reading the manual.

If I connect a midi keyboard, how does it handle polyphonic information? For instance, if I play a chord, can it split the notes across separate tracks, and therefore output the notes on seperate midi channels?


I have been looking at this tonight, and have a few troubles of my own, but it looks like you set up a polyphonic track and this takes up as many voices in Hermod as you assign to the track.

Upon playback the polyphonic chord is split across the outputs, and these can be patched to CV voices in your modular.

I haven’t been able to successfully accomplish any midi out from Hermod yet. So I don’t know what’s happening with the midi, but as far as input goes it seems to be working.

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Wait. Polyphonic cords getting split onto the outputs … I have been asking this on youtube and everywhere and people said yhermod can not do it. So it can play chords with 3 monosynths?

Does it only play them live this way or also split the notes you play to one per track?

If you DON’T add a midi out effect to the track, and make the track a 3 voice track and play a chord into it, then you get Tracks 1, 2 and 3 playing the output.

Once I figured out that I needed to insert an effect to successfully get midi output I stopped exploring this, but in theory yes.

It sounds very interesting to me again, and I will check this out as well, but I assume that then one connects the output of Tracks 1, 2 and 3 to different destinations and then you get note hocketing (?)
Not sure, but it’s a cool idea. Let’s see here…

Hm, so are the 3 notes in a chord split over the 3 tracks or is it trying to play the same notes on all 3 channels?

Exploring it now…

I’m able to get chords.

In TRACK mode

  1. Edit VOICES (X) and choose the number of voices (3)
  2. Edit the LAYOUT and choose Polyphonic

Notice that in the display for tracks 1-3 it now reads NOTE 1, NOTE 1, NOTE 1
It should say this for Mono, Unison or Poly mode.

In Unison mode it definitely plays the same single note out outputs 1-3
In Poly mode it plays polyphonically, so I get chords.

Hermod can receive, record, process and output polyphonic MIDI data in various ways. This is one of its major strengths, in my opinion.
If you play a chord, you can split - for example - a three-voice chord by selecting a three voice layout in track mode. Then you get three CV/Gate outputs, which you can wire to three VCOs and Envelop generators in a modular system. If you want to output the three notes via separate MIDI channels, then insert the MIDI out effects for each track and choose set the desired MIDI channels.
All this can be found in the manual. Personally, I think that users struggle to understand the structure of Hermod and with its terminology (effects, voices, tracks etc.)

I agree, this is 2 dope! And over all three Midi ports. This probably goes Midi to CV as well, i havent tried this out yet or rather won‘t be using it for the moment…

It works! Thank you! But I get the the gate bug Will you please fix that gate bug! sometimes, so after not touching the keyboard one of the synths plays his notes all of the time. Since I’m not the only person I hope they will fix it, my gates and 1V/Oct. out are each only connected to one synth so I guess it really has to be a bug, even though I’m no pro with Hermod.