Hermod MIDI Files

Hi all, new on the forum but have Hermod for years.
Is there anyone else who thinks implementing
Loading of MIDI Files on Hermod a good idea?
Any other people feel the need or want this?


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I guess, no one will say ‘no’ to a new feature - suggest it to squarp via their contact page :slight_smile:

however, not sure its likely for a couple of reasons:
a) getting midi files onto hermod
to be useful this would have to be via the USB drive, as taking the hermod out of the rack, and accessing the sdcard is tedious.
but this means Squarp have to add USB storage support to the usb host port, which seems unlikely.
It would be cool if they did, as would also allow import/export of projects to USB - useful for backup etc.

b) importing into sequencer
hermod has only a small number of steps per track - sure , you can mess with tempo/zoom, to get to 512 steps, but it’d be pretty limiting for longer midi tracks.
I guess you could split up into different sequences, but that’s not particular neat.

also, once into hermod, id suspect editing would be very tedious.

I guess they could do a separate midi player ‘mode’, but seems unlikely - they have a well focused product…

Its not something id use, and if I needed a midi player, id do it with something else (probably bela salt)

but im sure others would have a use for it

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