HERMOD Manual available?


I would really like to read the manual to HERMOD. With preorders and release date approaching…would be nice to know a bit more…

Thanks :pray:


Hermod’s manual is here:


Thanks Sunshine :sun_with_face:
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As close to a “manual” as we are going to get at this point (is titled as a quick start guide).

Hopefully we will get a more detailed manual once the OS matures


Are you not seeing the tabs?
If you click the tabs there’s a lot more than just the quick start guide.
Just making sure.


Yes I see the tabs, thanks.

I just wish there was a little more detail with explaining the functionality of each midi effect.


The effects are well explainedn in the effect section :slight_smile: What do you need to know more about ? We can try to help you !


Got it! My browser was not working and I see the explanations further down. Thx