Hermod Low Voltage Outputs

Does anybody have an idea why is this happening on this Garbage or what am i missing? My Hermod, since the day i bought it, the CV Outs have very low Voltage. 2V. On Mordax DATA you can barely see an LFO for example. If you go to Voltage Meter Max is 2V. I had problems with this unit since the day i bought it and they are not willing to fix it but i can not just throw it yet, i paid almost 500 bucks for it.


nice attitude there…

anyway… what have you tried/tested?
a little bit of common sense testing here, will let you know if you have a hardware or user issue…

if its just LFO, have you set range to +200% ?

what about cv pitch?
if notes in octave 9 are putting out above 2v, then you know its not a hardware issue. C10 should be around 5v.

if when you enter notes, and they seem to ‘clip’ at 2v, then its either hardware or calibration -, so, have you tried re-calibrating? (its in the manual)

if you have tried re-calibration, and high octave notes are limited in voltage, unfortunately id say its likely a hardware issue…
this means you need to contact squarp via the contact form

my experience, and others on the forum (seach, and you can verify for yourself!) is that Squarp are very generous when it comes to support/repair of their hardware!

so, seems odd/unusual for them to say they are not willing to fix…
some/things a bit unclear, was it a used unit? do squarp think its a hardware or user issue?
(I’m confused, if you had an issue from day 1, you should have just returned it)

anyway, it doesn’t matter… if its hardware issue, squarp is your only ‘answer’, so you first step is to determine this - as I detailed above.


Take a look under TRACKS - Settings - Misc (it’s the last selection) and once there turn the encoder clockwise to go past the two LED settings. You will then get to the CV output settings. Each output can be set to -5 to +5 or -1 to+1. Sounds like your outputs were set to +/-1v. You can also find this info in the manual under ‘Settings’ towards the bottom of the page.


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