Hermod global settings

Hi, I’m new to Hermod and may be this is a very basic question, but I can’t figure how to save global settings
In particular I’m changing the MIDI channel of a given track, but every time the unit powers up it’s reset to the default value.

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Hey, welcome!
I absolutely feel you on default set up settings. I have grown irritated with needing to do some many mundane things before I can begin (transposing the root note, setting length and zoom, adjusting and preparing a clock, etc all before I can begin.)

I would love to see a global mode with some memory for us, but I’ve worked around this by setting up a basic startup structure and saved it as a project.
So when I switch on Hermod, I just load it and it’s good to go.


Same. I have an “init” project that I load at startup. I wish the system would load a default project at startup, or have some way of setting global defaults!


Hermod currently does not allow this. The current workaround is creating and loading a default project. Hermod has a lot of potential, but it is issues like this and many more which makes me use it less and less. People use Eurorack because of the immediate and hands-on experience. Working with Hermod slows down my process, this is why I currently mainly use it as a 8 channel midi/cv interface. Everything else is cubersome to use at the moment. If things don’t change with one of the next firmware updates, I will be researching alternatives.