Hermod Gate Input issue

I have been experiencing a problem feeding gate inputs into my Hermod. I have two Gate inputs connected to CV B and CV D via a pedal interface. Track 1 is set up to receive CV/Gate AB and track 2 is set up to receive CV/Gate CD. The Gate outputs of Track 1&2 are feeding the CV inputs of a Doepfer A150 dual VC Switch. The gate input on CV D feeding Track 2 gate output works beautifully, however the gate input on CV B does not behave the same on Track 1 gate output. You can tell from the LED response on the VC gate that it wants to switch(temporary flicker), but doesn’t. When the Hermod is bypassed, and the VC switch is connected to the pedal interface directly, both channels of the switch function properly. When hermod CV B is feeding gate outputs 1-8 I experience the same issue on not switching. It appears the problem is the CV input B from my tests. I can upload a video to YouTube if necessary. Can someone help me rectify this issue?

hi @dhbrowne4

  • If you start on a blank project, and you only use the CV/Gate CD to control track 1, is it working?
  • If you start on a blank project, and you only use the CV/Gate CD to control track 2, is it working?

Tip: when ModMatrix is selected, 4 RGB leds displays the 4 voltages (A, B, C, D), helping you to “see” the input signals.

I started a new project. Tracks 1 and 2 are set as modulation, both accepting CV CD input. Both confirmed working and switching. When Track 1 is changed to CV AB, the partial switch behavior happens again(intermittently switches and switches back). In mod matrix no routings are being used, LED 5 turns from dark blue to light blue, for gate B and LED 7 does the same for gate D, so it is seeing the input, just not behaving the same at the output. So far input D outputs from all 8 gates without issue, input B, outputs from all 8 gates with issue. Both gate outputs B and D are traveling to the same module with identical gate expectations and both are confirmed working when hermod is bypassed.

Also updated to version 1.03 with same behavior.

Update. This behavior does not seem to happen if the track is a note track. Is there a bug in the modulation track code that affects the way CV B gates output when using CVAB? CVCD passes gates fine through modulation tracks.

Update. It appears that if you plug in something into the CV A the gate for CV B behaves correctly whether it is in note or modulation. If CV A is unplugged, the behavior starts up again. This is a workaround that I will pursue.

Now to get the my CV pedal to affect the modulation on tracks via A and C. Seems like my routing is right, but the pedal movements aren’t tracked. Any advice?

Hi @dhbrowne4
Thanks a lot for your update, we will work on it!

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