Hermod FX very low Voltage Output

THE LFOs and also all the other FX i think, they do not output more then 2v of Voltage, is this a problem or am i missing something in the menus?


I gave a suggestion in your other message about low outputs but I’ve copied it to here…hope it helps. It looks like the CV Out settings control anything going to the CV output jacks. Note it does NOT appear to control Gate levels.

Take a look under TRACKS - Settings - Misc (it’s the last selection) and once there turn the encoder clockwise to go past the two LED settings. You will then get to the CV output settings. Each output can be set to -5 to +5 or -1 to+1. Sounds like your outputs were set to +/-1v. You can also find this info in the manual under ‘Settings’ towards the bottom of the page.


Hermod Manual | Squarp instruments

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