Hermod freezes on startup

When I saved my latest project, Hermod had a glitch on the display like something went wrong while saving. I power cycled my system, now Hermod freezes on every startup – it doesn’t get past the startup screen (“Squarp Instruments V1.03”). What can I do? Thank you.

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I could “solve” the issue, for anyone interested: the SD card was fritzed, I just erased the SD card on my computer, copied the firmware .bin to it and booted Hermod with the encoder pressed, thus “updating” the firmware. Runs fine now.

Bit disturbing though that saving a project could not only destroy (and not save) the project, but kill everything on the SD card.

+1 saving with long names numbers and underscores.

Reformatted my disk as I was experiencing frequent crashes and now I am in the same boat. Hermod won’t load projects or bootloader for firmware. Startup screens stay frozen. What’s worse is, reformatting and trying again didn’t fix the issue. I now have a brick in place of a really complex sequencer. Contacted support today. I will keep you updated.

Tech support is very helpful and is sending me a new sd card. I reread the op and didn’t realize that the corruption could totally destroy a card being able to work with hermod. I bought a 16GB card today out of curiosity and dragged the 1.03 bin onto it. I didn’t have to reload the firmware, a blank session opened. I will test tomorrow or thursday, but i’m grateful for the help and suggestions.

So I attempted to build a template on my new 16GB sd card today and I encountered a saving bug first try. Here was my workflow with nothing plugged into module beside power.

-build 8 modulation tracks in SEQ 1
-in the midi effect i constrained the voltage output range to 0v-5v on all modulation tracks
-created fixed modulation value 0 on step 1 of modulation tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 8
Created fixed modulation value 127 on step 1 of modulation track 4
-added gate to step 1 of track 5
-midi clock input from usb device
-cv input range 0v-5v
-active track midi channel 9
-midi tracks 1-8, 1-8 respectively
-cv ab to control track 6
-cv cd to control track 7
-matrix routes cv to modulation of respective tracks
-SEQ 1 copied to SEQ 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6, 7 and 8

When I went to project and save as, the character showing would save the character to the right of it(example f saves instead of e) so my project name saved incorrectly. This was something that happened with the old disk as well as crashing during save. I was able to save correctly sometimes, but so far this is a bad start.

Should I try to reflash firmware? Does anyone else experience problems saving or changing programs over long periods?