Hermod for drum sequencing?

I’m torn between going for a drum sequencer or buying another Hermod for drums (i already have one for my voices and I love it). Right now I think Hermod will excel as a drums/bassline sequencer with the ratcheting, swing, euclidian, and chance effects. Also the way we can chain 2 Hermods is really nice. I mostly make techno and house. Saw D.Tiffany last weekend so breaks are making their way into things too :slight_smile:

My question then is: any downsides to this approach?

I looked at the WMD Metron and the Erica Drum Sequencer and both look nice but feel Hermod is more in line with how I create things on my racks (program lot’s of stem based sequences and then blend and perform with them live).

Thanks! :rocket:

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i sometimes use the hermod for drum sequencing, but the ui is kinda hitcy for sequences programming, even more so for drum programming. it can be done, but i think another kind of sequencer would be best. more specifically a trigger or gate sequencer works fine for drums, i use a knit rider and is much faster for drum programming than the hermod. so, it can serve as a drum sequencer, but i would look somewhere else, even thought 2 hermod would be a killer setup

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I’ll second Sector, Hermod + Knit Rider work very well together.

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If you have the HP then I would certainly encourage drum sequencing on the Hermod. Having a template track set up with pre configured tracks (steps / euclid, chance and swing effects / mod matrix wirings) really speeds up the workflow process. You then also have 8x modulation sources.

But, it’s no trigger riot or other manual / hands on workflow.


I’m more into having set skeleton tracks that snap back in when the next sequence is ready. Hermod is my favorite module and I’m def getting another for drums after I finish building a hexmix/expander.