Hermod firmware update 1.03

Hi guys, thanks a lot for your patience and your bug reports, we just released hermodOS V1.03!

Bug fixes
● Hermod tempo always had a 2BPM offset
● Hermod freeze when playing with the ModMatrix parameters
● Hermod freeze when randomizing a pattern on a modulation track
● Sync problem when slaving Hermod with another Hermod via USB, and loading or saving a project on the “master” Hermod
● CV OUT frozen value on a modulation track, when “mod range Max” or “mod range Min” (MIDI FX) is changed
● SEQ mode: when LOOP = FULL, Hermod never jump to the next selected sequence
● COPY/PASTE SEQ: ModMatrix parameters was not paste


Does it addresses the gate bugs we’ve been experiencing? Did you fix that overlapping notes not triggering a gate (legato/mono)?

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Hi @madeinspace
We worked on that issue, but as we still can’t reproduce it, we don’t know if it will fix your problem. If you still have the issue, as it seems you are the only one to have it, please send us a message at contact(at)squarp(dot)net, with a little summary of your issue. Thanks!

Hi @squarpadmin , so could my module be faulty then? Shall I return it to you to swap for a new one?

As for the mono/legato issue I am not the only one to experience this one this is not a bug but rather an oversight that you guys should remedy.

I mean you know what i’m talking about right? when notes overlap we should be able to have a setting to choose wether we want legato where pitch will change without triggering a gate on each note start and a mono mode which will trigger a gate on every note start regardless of wether or not they overlap with the previous one.

Isn’t it sequencer basics? (https://ask.audio/articles/understanding-mono-legato-mode-in-synth-sample-vis) not being sarcastic at all here, am I being crazy to want such a feature as a basic need for a modern sequencer?

I’m really close to give up on that module tbh, which is a shame because I can see the potential can be big…

About overlapping notes not triggering a gate:

It’s the standard in eurorack CV/GATE sequencing: it’s intentional. When the pitch change (because there is a new note, overlapping or following closely the precedent note), the gate is not trigged DOWN then UP. Only the pitch change. Depending on your eurorack module type, your synth modules can either:

  • play the new pitch, but not trigger the ADSR
  • play the new pitch and trigger the ADSR (so create a GATE because the module know that the pitch has changed) (common with synths that converts CV/GATE to MIDI)
  • play the new pitch with a glide/legato (by smoothing the CV voltage) but not trigger the ADSR

The legato/glide option is something generally “computed” by the synth (even if Hermod has glide effect for CV/GATE synthesizers that do not include the glide feature).

It’s true that we can add a setting to separate each notes, in order to avoid glide/legato, and always trigger the gate when a new note is sent. But it’s not as easy as that: to create a trig, you have to create a break time in the GATE signal (for example, 5ms of GATE = DOWN = OFF). To make it musical, this break time should happend at the end of the precedent note, not at the beginning of the next note.

Of course, it’s easy with MIDI sequencers, as each notes are separated (because of the polyphony). But with CV/GATE sequencers, notes are monophonic, this is why the standard is to note retrig the GATE when a new pitch is received.

We will work on that, and see if it’s possible to implement an option to retrig or not the GATE.

About the other issue you are experiencing:

Can you please send us an email to contact(at)squarp(dot)net, with a little summary of your issue? We will determine if you have a hardware problem. Thanks a lot!

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This is very interesting.

There has seemed to be a lot of confusion regarding the end of notes with Hermod.
Feels sort of like when I’m working with a mono synth like the SH-101 and I have the VCA/ENV setting in the 3rd position and can’t figure out why the notes begin playing, but then soon seem to fade away…

They don’t return until I stop and start, but then they all just fade away again.

Setting the VCA/ENV mode to Gate will retriever each time a new note is played.
Setting the VCA/ENV setting to ENV will allow the envelope to set the ADSR of the triggered voices
Setting the VCA/ENV setting to Gate + Trigger will tie the notes and everything will blur off into nothingness.

Now each mode is useful. And each mode is important.

I wonder if it might not be a good idea to introduce the other modes into Hermod?
For example, the mono track as it is might be considered a Gate + Trigger mode.
Adding a second mono track mode called GATE might be useful for people who are either wanting to overplay their previous gates, or don’t have access to many other modules for that particular voice.

Not to say that shortening one’s playback notes, and enjoying a new gate per note as needed isn’t perfectly fine, because it is.
But there seem to be so many people getting hung up on note length vs track mode and wanting to just play a new note over the old note that maybe a GATE mode is a helpful idea for some folks?

Just a thought.

This update is about the most obvious bug fixes. I hope we will soon see a 2.0 update which will feature some of the really important missing features.

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edit: nevermind, I forgot to hold down the encoder on power-up.

Thanks for the update keep up the good work!!

Please add a setting so that each new note triggers a gate. I think its obvious that this is a desire by users.
Thank you

Besides your “each new note triggers a gate” discussion, what bug have you discovered? With this V1.03 version, even if every known bugs should be fixed, but we are still very attentive and responsive to bug reports.

Yes, we are already thinking to a technical way to introduce the “new note triggers a gate” feature.